Your living room is the heart of your home. It should feel like it. In this Design Series, we’re going to discuss how to bring your custom dream home design to your living room. Let’s explore how to design and build a living room that really feels like you. 

Building Your Custom Living Room

Whether you’re working with a blank canvas or have a specific style in mind, here are a few points to consider when bringing your custom home living room design ideas to life.

Find Your Unique Style

The style of your living room can say a lot about you. It not only reflects your artistic tastes but also your lifestyle. It should contain everything you need to be comfortable and feel at home. 

Consider your personal style and how it fits in with the style of your home. If you’re remodeling a home, it may have a distinct style already. If you’re starting with a blank canvas, you’ll be able to put your signature on your living room design. 

You’ll want your living room design to feel continuous throughout your home. If you’re remodeling, you may be able to blend styles to achieve this goal. Here are a few common style options:

  • Farmhouse: rustic and homey, think barn doors, warm lighting, natural wood, and distressed antique furniture.
  • Modern: bright and airy, with clean lines, plenty of natural light, and a neutral color palette.
  • Mid-Century: retro and modern, with liberal use of geometric forms and contrasting materials.
  • Scandinavian: minimalist and sleek, with low furniture to emphasize tall ceilings, a monochromatic palette with peeks of accent colors and textures.

Define Your Living Room Design Purpose

Your living room is one of the most-used areas of your home. Think about the purpose of your living room currently serves. Do you only use it for gathering and relaxing with your family? Do you use it for entertaining guests? Do you use it as a workspace? Does it double as a space for visitors to stay? Will your newly remodeled living room design fit the same purpose or will you need your space to be adaptable for multiple purposes?

Factor in Traffic Considerations

The way the living room sits in your home will determine the amount of traffic that passes through the room. Consider how it connects to other rooms such as the dining area, kitchen, or entryway. What’s the best layout for the space that will allow for intuitive movement and not create roadblocks? How will you arrange your furniture in the space to allow for traffic to flow easily and logically?

Include Plenty of Storage

Don’t forget to include space in your new living room design for adequate storage. This could be built-in cabinets or shelves, floor storage, or even furniture with storage capacity. Your storage needs will depend on the purposes your living room will serve. You can use it to store seasonal decorations, hold wood for a fireplace, stow away an entertainment center, speakers and consoles, keep cards and board games, or store extra items like bedding, blankets, and pillows.

Living Room Design

When the building phase of your custom home design is done, it’s time to focus on the interior design of your living space. Beyond paint colors, here are a few things to consider when styling your living room.

Find the Focal Point

The focal point of the space is what the rest of the design centers around. Depending on your living room design, the focal point may be different for every room. It could be a large picture window with a fantastic view, a cozy fireplace that’s either functional or purely aesthetic, or it could even be the television if that’s the most used piece in the room. Once you’ve established a focal point, you can arrange furniture and other fixtures to draw towards that spot, to take in the best views, or be in the best position to feel the warmth of the fire.

Choose Living Room Lighting

When choosing the best lighting for your living room design, you can pick soft, warm lighting for ambiance, strategically placed fixtures to accent room details, or use focused lighting for doing tasks.

Pick Out Your Furniture

The furniture you choose for your living room design is your best chance to express your personal style. Pick pieces that speak to your tastes and the style of the room — but are also comfortable. Hopefully, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new living room, so you need furniture that is soft and cozy enough to convince you to stay in for the night. 

You can also use other accents to layer different colors and textures throughout your living room design. Consider adding custom rugs, window treatments, and upholstered furniture to warm the space and make it inviting.

Why You Should Work with a Custom Home Design Team

A custom home design team can ensure that the entire remodel or custom home build goes according to your plans and stays on your timeline and within your budget. When you work with a professional custom home design team, they will:

  • Consider traffic flow, purpose, and style when creating the ideal living room design for you
  • Coordinate strategically with your custom home builder and contractor
  • Know what upgrades and remodeling projects will increase your home’s value
  • Work with you to understand your specific style and will know how best to express it through your custom home design

For many, the living room is where the whole family gathers. It’s where you watch Sunday football, it’s where you open gifts together on the holidays — it’s where you spend your time together. If your living room could use an update, get in touch with Konkol Custom Homes. One of Florida’s most reputable custom builders that also provide custom remodeling services. Get in touch to learn more.

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