During the past few years, certain floor plan types have been increasing in demand in custom home designs. Open floor plans, which capitalize on airy and light-filled spaces, have dominated the market for some time and will continue to be popular in 2020. Also, modern takes on classic farmhouse styles blending rustic with refined and promise to be a timeless trend. 

New Decade, New Style.  

As focus shifts to more futuristic styles, the most important characteristic of a custom floor plan is its adaptability. Homeowners, builders and designers have more choices than ever before, and are making them with care. From better access to sustainable materials, new technologies to changing household dynamics, the future of custom homes will be unlike any we’ve seen before. These are the three trends we expect to gain popularity in this decade. 


Custom Floor Plan Style Trends for 2020 

1. Multi-Generational Floor Plans 

In recent years, the average family structure has started to change. Whether you’re taking care of older family members or providing the younger generation with a safe place to figure out adulthood, they’ll require a little more space. Multi-generational floor plans accommodate extra household members without sacrificing comfort or privacy.  

It’s not uncommon for custom homes with this floor plan type to have an additional master bedroom or dual-owners’ suites. This functionality creates rooms that are comfortable and spacious. A separate but attached In-law suite also makes a great addition for those that value their independence, but also want to be nearby the main living area.

A multi-generational floor plan anticipates the needs of the household over time. The master bedroom is often on the main floor, where all important areas of the house are easily accessible. This floor plan type won’t have as many staircases or obstacles that might force occupants to move as they get older. They are also designed with extra storage in mind, disguised in innovative ways, giving you and your family room to grow. It is a home that can be enjoyed for many years to come, with great rooms for entertaining as well as quiet personal space.  

2. Energy-Efficient Floor Plans   

This decade, there will be a big push for custom homes that are environmentally conscious. An energy-efficient floor plan style will utilize the layout of the home, strategic placement of windows and doors, and even the home’s interaction with the land to have the least environmental impact and lowest energy cost. 

  • Energy-Efficient Appliances

This floor plan type could also include designs for greener systems such as solar panels for electricity or geothermal energy, which uses the earth to help heat and cool the home. 

Energy-efficient plans use sustainable materials wherever possible. Using reclaimed or recycled elements not only reduces the home’s carbon footprint but adds to its story. This custom home style utilizes water-saving fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms and low-energy appliances for cooking and laundry. 

  • Energy-Efficient Design

In this custom floor plan style, the flow of energy through the house is very important. Using an open concept, the intentional design of the home centers around gathering spaces. Many rooms are multi-purpose and can be adapted to create extra entertaining areas, a home office, guest room or play area.  

Eco-conscious custom homes celebrate the environment by capitalizing on outdoor living space. Patios, porches and decks become just as inviting as the rooms within. Custom homes with this floor plan type can even include a solarium or greenhouse to bring in more light or use it to grow plants, fruits and vegetables. 

3. Technology-Centric Floor Plans 

The most futuristic custom homes will embrace technology. In 2020, our lives are already infused with devices that make our lives easier, more colorful and nuanced. We’re used to having the world at our fingertips and the ability to change our environment in an instant. Why shouldn’t our homes be just as customizable?  

Technology-centric floor plans welcome automated functions, whether that’s setting routines of lighting that save energy or adjusting heating and cooling to keep you comfortable each day throughout the year.  

With technology built into your custom home, you’ll have high-speed access to streaming services where you want it most — and plenty of outlets to recharge all of your devices.  

Technology-centric floor plans will showcase the best of modern design. They will have luxurious finishes that are seamless and minimalistic, reducing visual noise. Storage solutions will be well-disguised and hide any unseemly cords or cables.  

This custom floor plan style will bring your home into the new decade and up to date with state-of-the-art technology.  

Custom home floor plans of this decade will be a reflection of our changing world. They will be influenced by the priorities of their future residents while acknowledging their impact in their environment. Custom homes are highly versatile and can be modified to meet the unique needs of their owners. Up and coming floor plan types will be ready to support the future and the new challenges it brings.

If you’re ready to start the new decade with a new home, get in touch with Konkol Custom Homes & Remodeling. We’re here to build you the custom home you’ve always wanted, with the experience and the expertise to plan the home of your dreams.

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