When you decided to build a custom home, you were probably relieved not to be buying an existing home that you were going to have to remodel. After all, remodeling can be a pain. But even though you have a custom home, you might need to remodel at some point down the road. Here are the signs that it’s time to remodel your custom home:

Your Needs Have Changed

If your life has changed drastically since your custom home was built, it’s probably time to renovate. Life events like elderly parents or in-laws moving in or a new baby mean that you might need more space for things like an in-law suite or a nursery and playroom. If your kids are graduating from college and leaving the nest, it might be time to turn those empty bedrooms into a space for your hobbies or a guest suite.

The Style Is Outdated

Very few things are timeless, and home design isn’t usually one of them. If your custom home was built in the 80s or 90s (or ~cringe~ earlier) it’s probably time to make some updates that are more than just cosmetic. The carpeted jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom is ready to go, and you probably could use more windows than it was cool to have in the late 80s, early 90s.

Repairs Are Needed

If your custom home has suffered damage from a tropical storm or a hurricane, it’s no question that it’s time to remodel. New siding, a new roof, even new windows, flooring, and major appliances could be in order, depending on the severity of the storm.

Older custom homes, even if they haven’t been damaged by weather events, are likely to need repairs, too. Roofs, siding, carpeting, etc. only last for so long, and it might be time to replace and renovate some of those aspects of your custom home to ensure that it’s not sustaining further damage and that it’s as beautiful and comfortable to live in as when you bought it.

If your custom home is in need of renovation, don’t call just any general contractor. Konkol Custom Homes will treat your remodeling project with the same care we treat our new homes to ensure that your remodel meets your vision for your dream home. Call us to discuss the renovations your custom home needs.

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