The guest bedroom is often an overlooked part of home design, but a gorgeous guest bedroom is essential to entertaining and ensuring that your guests are comfortable and happy. Here are some things to consider when designing a guest bedroom for your friends and family to enjoy.

Guest bathroom

To ensure that your guests are comfortable during their stay in your home, it’s important that there is easy access to the guest bathroom from the guest bedroom. While an ensuite bathroom is perhaps the most convenient option, if that’s not possible given the layout of your home or in the budget, direct access to a private guest bathroom from the bedroom (and from the hall) or placing the guest bathroom right across the hall can be good options.

Also, consider the size and accessibility of the bathroom. Will your guests need access to a shower? Most likely, and you may want to give them one of their own, so they don’t have to use your master bathroom. The bathroom should also be of a size that can accommodate your guests, especially elderly parents and grandparents who may be frequent visitors and may need space for a walker or wheelchair.

Closet space

While it might seem that closet space is unimportant in a guest room, given that no one needs to store their entire wardrobe, as in the family’s bedrooms. However, your guests will likely come with some luggage, if only just a suitcase or duffle bag, and they’ll need somewhere to store it during their stay.

View and location in the house

As an accommodating host, you want to ensure that your guest room is a pleasant place to stay, and that means thinking about its location in your house. You probably don’t want to place your guest bedroom next to the bedrooms of noisy kids or sharing a wall with the loud laundry machines. You also want your guests to have a nice view—even if you’ve saved your best views for the living room window and the master bedroom—and not just one of your neighbor’s walls or the roof of the garage.

To create a guest bedroom that makes guests want to move in, call Konkol Custom Homes. We design and build luxury homes that are our clients’ (and their guests) dream homes!

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