Elderly parents and in-laws moving in can be a stressful situation for all involved, especially if your space isn’t prepared. Adding a custom in-law suite to your home can ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable and that your home stays your dream home.

Determine accessibility needs

With prefabricated or modular in-law suite additions, you’re stuck with a standard set of options, ones that might not be appropriate or necessary for the needs of your loved one. If your family member has any special needs or physical limitations, these should be taken into account when planning your custom suite so that they can be comfortable. For those with limited mobility, ramps instead of stairs, walk-in showers instead of bathtubs, and handrails can be implemented wherever you determine they’re needed. A custom design also means that accommodations for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids can be easily included, things like wider hallways and doorways or seated-height countertops.

Determine location

Deciding where to place your in-law suite has a few different aspects. First, you’ll need to decide whether the suite will be attached to your home or free-standing. This will depend on the space in your yard, local building codes, and the needs of your loved one. While some seniors might be completely self-reliant and mobile and desire the independence of a detached residence, others might need to be closer to you and the rest of the family for assistance.

If you decide on an attached suite, you’ll need to choose between renovating existing space to accommodate your relative, creating an addition to your home, or some combination of those things. You’ll also need to determine the best place for any addition you attach to the home and where the new space will connect to existing plumbing and HVAC. For a detached suite, you’ll have to determine the best location on your property for the suite, based on local codes, plumbing, electrical, the landscape, etc.

Hire a custom home builder

A custom home builder is the right construction professional for a custom in-law suite, whether attached to your home or not. Custom home builders are used for custom builds (it’s in the name!) and can accommodate all of your specific needs and customization options. This is especially important if you’re adding on or renovating your existing custom home, which was very carefully planned. A custom home builder can ensure that the flow of your home still works and that the addition or changes aren’t just tacked on haphazardly.

If you need to remodel your home to accommodate parents or in-laws moving in, Konkol Custom Homes can create the perfect custom in-law suite to meet your needs. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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