In 2019, hygge is in. If you haven’t heard of hygge, pronounced hue-gah, know that it’s a Danish expression that roughly translates to a sense of warmth, comfort and coziness. Hygge has been at the forefront of lifestyle and health & wellness conversations for a while now, but in 2019, we’re seeing it surface in custom home design as well.

American people are working more than ever before, and in this fast-paced world, many of us are realizing the benefit of having a calm, relaxed, comfortable space to come home to. It’s this concept of hygge that makes a house feel like a home, and there are plenty of ways to foster that environment in your new custom home. Here are just a few hygge-focused custom home design trends you can expect to see in 2019:

Natural Decor — Wood, Stone, and Plants

While bright whites and stainless steel have ruled the custom home design world for years, 2019 will see a re-introduction of natural accents like wood, stone, and living plants. These natural elements add a great deal of visual interest, without seeming busy, cluttered, or out of place. Warm wood tones and warmer colored quartz, in particular, will be popular this year, as their warmth evokes feelings of comfort and home.

Minimalist, Open Spaces

If you’ve been watching custom home design trends lately, you already know that open concept floor plans are in. That trend is one that’s sure to continue through 2019 as open, minimalist styles gain popularity. It’s easier to feel relaxed at home when your space is clutter free, and everything in your home has a designated place. Long sightlines and a minimalist style help the mind destress, and offer a hygge-like space to come home to.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Custom homes of 2019 will be smarter than any homes built before. As SMART tech continues to evolve, more and more consumers are finding places for it throughout the home. One particular tech trend we’re sure to see more of in 2019 is circadian rhythm lighting (also known as human-centric or turntable lighting). Very much in line with the hygge school of thought, circadian rhythm lighting is a way of automating smart lights to mimic the progress of the sun throughout the day. This method of matching natural light reduces human stress from fluorescent lights, and is shown to promote mental wellness. Home wellness is important to the 2019 homeowner, and circadian rhythm lighting fosters a positive environment for mental health.

Luxury Textiles

Coziness is at the heart of the hygge concept. While minimalist styles help calm the mind, natural spaces are cozily dressed up with luxury textiles that make a calm space feel comfy.  Expect to see plush, oversized couches and chairs, and plenty of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and soft wool dressing up custom homes in 2019.

Fire Features

Fireplaces are constantly waxing and waning in popularity. 2019 is bound to be one of those fireplace forward years. There’s nothing quite as comforting as cozying up to a warm fire on a cold night, and for custom homes, you can expect to see lavish double-sided fireplaces and even fireplaces on every level of a home.

Home Offices

As technology continues to advance, much of the American workforce can do their jobs from home. More and more custom homes incorporate one, and even two home offices in their layout. Home offices will continue to feature in 2019’s custom homes, but will have a dedicated focus on comfort. It’s important to keep home office spaces professional, but soft throws, bright green plants, and oversized office chairs will help keep home offices feeling fresh, productive, and comfortable.

Comfort, coziness, and calm — that’s what hygge means, and it’s the style we expect to see the most of in 2019. Your custom home should be your retreat, your place of peace in an otherwise hectic world, and 2019’s design trends certainly reflect that sentiment.

If you’re hoping to build or remodel a custom home that feels like your own luxury spa retreat, Konkol Custom Homes can help. For more information about our custom homes and custom home remodels, give us a call at 407-466-3882, or check out some of our previous homes online today!

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