Building a custom home is a big step for anyone. Regardless of where you are in your life, choosing to build a custom home is exciting and the process should be enjoyable. When you build a custom home, you get to make all of the decisions, from square footage and architectural design to the finishing touches on paint colors and crown molding. Building your dream home is very rewarding, but it can also take a little bit of work, which is why it’s important to have the right builder at your side. If you’re considering building a custom home, here’s what you need to help you choose the perfect custom home builder.

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Make a List of Potential Builders

Start big. Ask for referrals from anyone and everyone. Eventually, you’ll start to hear some of the same names over and over. That’s valuable information, so take time to write down what your friends and family members say about their experiences building new homes with each different custom builder.

It’s also a good idea to check with your local builders’ association and other key industry sites, like the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. Sites and resources like these can tell you which builders are reputable and trustworthy, and which may have had complaints filed against them in the past.

Do Your Homework

Once you have a list going, work on narrowing it down by doing some research. Which home builders are building the type and style of home you prefer? What price range are they building their homes and does it fit into your budget? Most builders adhere to a fairly standard price point — some of them build multi-million dollar homes, while others stick to three bedrooms, three bath homes that are less customizable and in a lower price range. You’ll want to narrow down your list to your top three to five custom builders who build in the price point you plan to spend, and who often build the type of home you’re looking for.

Interview Your Top Candidates

With three to five top contenders, it’s time to set up interviews. This is your chance to talk to the builders who may be creating your dream home — so prepare a list of questions. Do you have specific concerns about the building process? Are you wondering about how well a particular builder sticks to a timeline? An interview is the best place to ask those tough questions, so you can get the answers you need to make a final decision. Finally, be sure to ask for references before you go. It’s important to check out any home builder’s previous work before you agree to a build.

Follow Up

Don’t just ask your top custom home builders for references — actually follow up with them. Talk to each of the homeowners about how their custom building process went and visit their homes. You’ll be able to tell by looking at the finished product how well the home is lasting and if it’s the type of home you really want. And again, don’t be afraid to ask those references questions! Were their homes completed on time? If something was damaged within the warranty, did the custom builder stand behind their guarantee and come out to fix it?

Focus on Communication

After you’ve talked to a few custom builders and looked at a few of their homes, you probably have a pretty good idea of who you’d like to hire. Before you sign the contract though, it’s good to make one last consideration: communication. Does the custom builder you’re hoping to hire communicate well? Is their communication style right for you? After you look at a few spectacular homes, it’s easy to make a decision based just on the end product, but it’s important to take a step back and confirm that the person you’re hiring is someone you’ll enjoy working with.

The custom home building process is just that — a process. And it requires a trusting partnership between custom builder and homeowner to ensure the final product comes out just right. If you’re afraid you might have trouble working and communicating with one particular builder, it’s probably in your best interest to keep looking.

Choosing the right custom home builder for you isn’t easy. If you’re looking for a trusted, local builder who’s willing to listen to your ideas and concerns, start a conversation with Konkol Custom Homes. It’s our goal to ensure that each and every one of our clients end up with the home of their dreams.