When it comes to building and designing a custom home, it’s easy to let your first floor or common areas take most of your attention. It seems like the kitchen is always the most important to the majority of homeowners, and while it’s great to focus your attention on that integral part of the house, it’s also good to remember that other parts of the house deserve your design attention too! That’s why this month we’re focusing on the master bedroom. Check out what our owner, Dave Konkol, has to say about designing the master bedroom:

“The master bedroom is the third most important room in the house (after kitchen and master bath). This sanctuary is the place you go to rest and feel rejuvenated and should reflect a combination of great taste and design. You’ll spend about one-third of your entire life in this room, so adding details to make your life easier is crucial in the pre-planning process. Make sure the space not only reflects your personality and what’s important to you but also allows you to rest peacefully with little interruption.”

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With this in mind, let’s take a look at the process of designing your master bedroom:

Consider the Purpose

Like Dave mentioned, the average person spends about one-third of their life in their bedroom. Certainly, a lot of that time will be spent sleeping, but your bedroom is also the place you get dressed and start your day . It’s also where you wind down and cool off before finally falling to sleep.

Beyond that, many people retreat to the master bedroom for a number of other things — work, relaxation, or a place of solace to read that favorite book in peace and quiet. If there are activities you do and would like to continue doing in the master bedroom, plan extra space into the custom home design to ensure you have plenty of room.

Consider adding a window seat so you can read comfortably and look out onto your yard. Think about adding a few extra windows and building in a nook that would fit a desk for those late nights working or so you can enjoy the sunrise in the morning. When you’re building a custom home, all of these considerations are great options.The key is to think about how you plan to use the room before you enter the design process.

Consider the Mood

Most designers and artists know that bright or warm colors aren’t the best for a bedroom. They’re the opposite of calming, and can actually interfere with your sleep and mood. That’s why it’s so important to first think about the mood you’d like to set for your master bedroom, and then think about how your custom home design can help convey that mood.

Cool colors like greys, blues, and lavenders can evoke peaceful feelings;helping you calm down after a long, stressful day at work. If you’re looking for a space that’s more restorative, muted greens and plenty of natural light are great ways to ensure your room offers the right atmosphere.

Consider Balance vs. Symmetry

It’s very easy to fall into conventional design concepts of symmetry when considering the best design for your space. The reality is that your master bedroom is usually a space that’s shared by two people, and no two people are exactly the same. Dave mentioned earlier in the article that your master bedroom should reflect your personality, and allow you to rest peacefully without interruption. That might mean different things to different people.

Your spouse might feel the most relaxed when everything is tucked away in its spot — not left out or cluttered, while you might prefer having your clothes and nightstand items like books and magazines out where you can see them. Work to accommodate both people harmoniously. Choose two different nightstands if one person loves to display reading material, and the other is a decided minimalist. Different wardrobes and separate closets can also help ensure that the space is equally personalized.

Never sacrifice your own comfort and relaxation for something like symmetry. There are plenty of other ways to make a space work and look beautiful, and when you’re working with a custom home builder, that job becomes even easier.

To Work, or Not to Work?

One of the biggest questions that frequently comes up while considering the master bedroom design is, “Do I include a desk, or not?” So many people are location independent and choose to work from home. This makes it necessary to have a functioning work space in the home and for some people, that’s the master bedroom.

Studies have shown that having your at-home office or laptop with you in your bedroom can negatively affect your sleep patterns, and for some people, actually increase insomnia . With that said, other people work just fine in their bedroom, and can fall asleep seconds after their head hits the pillow.

If working in your master bedroom improves your life, makes it easier, or brings you peace, by all means, add in a desk! But if you’d rather designate your master bedroom as a true oasis from work and stress, it’s probably better to make space for a home office elsewhere. Since you’re building a custom home, your design choices will be much more flexible, and you have the freedom to put your home office wherever suits you best.

In the end, it’s important to consider your master bedroom as one of the major design features of your home. First, imagine your ideal space, and the mood you’d like to convey with your overall design. From there, you can create the ultimate master bedroom retreat with features you’ve always dreamed of that suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a master bedroom that reflects your style, personality, and lifestyle, give us a call! Design is our specialty, and we’d like to take your ideas and turn them into reality. For more information about our custom homes, and custom home remodels, give us a call at 407-466-3882, or check out some of our previous homes online today!