When you’re building a custom home, you have to have a great spot for the build to take place. Whether you’re looking for a home on a country lot, or you’d like to be a little closer to work, the location of your home is everything. If you’re looking for the perfect site for your custom home, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Location, location, location. It’s an old phrase, but it still rings true today. One of the most important factors in any home lot is location. You’ll want to consider things like: How far are you willing to drive to work every day? To the grocery store? If there are certain things you prefer to be close to, those are key factors to take into account when you’re checking out lots for your home. You’ll also want to think about if you want a lot in a subdivision, close to town, or farther out in the country.

School Systems

If you have kids, school systems will be just as important as any other factor when it comes to deciding where you’ll build your custom home. If you know you’re moving to a certain area, check out each school system and determine where the district lines lay. Then, you can choose a lot that’s within the boundaries for the school district of your choice.

The Land Itself

While location is certainly a major factor, you also need to like the lot itself before you build on it. When you’re looking at lots, it’s always good to check out the shape, size, and features. Here are a few of the most important factors to think about while you’re visiting available lots.


When you’re looking at lots, be sure to check out all the features they have to offer. Does the lot come with old, large trees? They look amazing and can add a lot of character, but can be difficult to remove if you don’t love them. What other natural growth does the lot have, and will it fit well with what you’re imagining for your dream home? If there’s water on the lot, whether it’s a lake, creek, or marsh, can you build far enough away that your foundation isn’t affected? Or will you need some additional landscaping to ensure the home is stable? Remember that anything on the lot that you don’t like (trees, shrubs, bushes, etc.) will have to be removed before you start building, which can cost extra time and money.


When you’re looking at lots to build on, it’s important to check out the elevation. A lot with a high-grade slope will be tough to build on, whereas a lot that’s more flat can be excavated a bit more easily. Elevation will also affect where you can put your driveway, and how many steps you’ll have to climb to get to your home.


If you plan on building a little farther outside of town, check that sewer, gas, and water hookups extend to the lot. Some lots out in the country may not connect to city lines, and while you can install a septic system and well, you’ll have to pay for a gas line out to the lot. If you have the budget and the time for those additional projects, you may not mind, but if you’re looking to start building as soon as possible, you may want to choose a lot that already has utility hookups.


It’s a great idea to have your builder take a look at any lot before you purchase, to ensure you get the home you want, with the views you’ll love. Your custom home designer and architect can help you build a home that’s properly situated on any lot to maximize your views. Remember that some lots will get more sun than others, making them hotter, but also delivering more natural sunlight.

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