Building a custom home is an exciting, but also daunting, process. If you’re thinking about building your first custom home (or even your second), you might not know everything that will go into the creation of your dream home. From start to finish, here’s what you need to know about the custom home building process.


Step one in building your dream home is determining your budget. That includes determining how much you want to spend and the type of loan you can use to fund your home’s construction. All of this will factor into the custom home building process.

Buying Land

Before you start building your custom home, you need the perfect piece of land to build it on. Your custom home builder may be a helpful resource in your search for the perfect lot, as they will likely have contacts in area real estate and can provide you peace of mind by confirming that the lot will work for custom home construction before you put any money down. Once have a lot selected, your building team will need to assess and prepare it for construction.


Next, you will plan your custom home design with your builder. You’ll share what you want in your new home with your builder and plan for all of the design elements and features that matter most to you in your new home. After all, a custom home isn’t custom without your unique input.


Your builder will take your input and plans for your custom home and use them to create a design or a couple of designs to choose from for the home of your dreams. These designs will incorporate the floorplan and styles you’ve chosen and provide you with the visual representation of what your home can look like. From there, you can provide feedback on the design until it is perfect for you and your family.


Once everything else is in order, you have a lot and an approved design, the building starts. Your builder will get the necessary permits, break ground, pour the foundation, frame the house, install the mechanical components, plumbing, and electricity, put up drywall, install flooring, and install all of the interior finishes just as you selected.

Moving In

Once construction has finished and all of the finishing touches have been made on your new custom home, it’s time to move in. Your builder will hand over the keys—and that’s where the best part begins, you can enjoy your dream home.

The custom home building process can be lengthy, so it’s important you have a builder you trust to walk with you every step of the way. Start a conversation with Konkol Custom Homes today; we work to make your dream home a reality.

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